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June 2021: CDI's Statement on Missing Children from Canada's Residential Schools

CDI is heartbroken to hear of the recent and ongoing discoveries of unmarked graves of children at former residential ‘school’ sites and stands with the Indigenous community seeking the truth about their missing family members. We want to take the opportunity to reflect on this troubled history and honour the lives of survivors and those lost.

Our thoughts are with the communities, families and residential school survivors that have been affected. For non-Indigenous peoples, we encourage you to take this time to educate yourself about the truth surrounding Canada's history with residential schools, and understand that this is not just in the past. Oppression of Indigenous people did not stop when the last residential school closed. It can seem daunting to properly support Indigenous communities, but education is the first step.

As we all learn more and mourn the loss of innocent lives, we would like to remind everyone of several UBC resources and services for those in need of support, as well as educational resources for non-Indigenous peoples: 

  • Longhouse serves as an intellectual, social, spiritual and cultural home for Aboriginal students attending UBC.


  • Counselling services for Aboriginal students are available at UBC.

  • Hope for Wellness is a helpline and online counselling service available to all Indigenous peoples across Canada.

  • The UBC Centre for Teaching and Learning Technology has several educational resources as a part of its Indigenous Initiatives program.

  • Native Land is a website that allows you to see whose traditional and ancestral territory you are currently inhabiting.


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