Meet the Team


Katrina Bergmann | Co-Chair

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Hi! I'm a second year PhD student in the Hudson group, where I use computational and physical chemistry to study and design optoelectronic materials. In my spare time (and anytime the sun comes out) I love to bike, go hiking, or walk to the beach to watch the sunset. I completed my undergrad at the University of Manitoba, where I was a founding member of the EDI group in the Chemistry department. I believe groups like this are absolutely essential in ensuring that one day academia is representative of the rest of the population. I’m especially passionate about disability and mental health awareness, and I’m excited to continue to improve EDI in chemistry here at UBC!  


Angie Sevilla Pym | Co-Chair

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Hi! I'm a second year PhD student in the Hudson group, working on polymeric nanoparticles for bioimaging. In my spare time, I love to read, watch movies, and bike. I am excited to contribute to making our department a welcoming place for everyone!


Pengfei Xu | Treasurer

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I'm a 2nd year PhD student in the Hudson Group, where I develop novel organic materials for optoelectronic and bioimaging applications. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, powerlifting, and learning different 

languages. I am interested to be a part of CDI because of my motivation to understand and improve the situations of cultural minorities and LGBTQ+ people in chemistry.


Anna T. Zeleny | Secretary

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Hello! I'm a first-year student in the NBD group researching atmospheric ice nucleation. When I'm not in the lab I'm meditating, playing in a punk band, baking weird vegan desserts, or going on adventures outside. I'm passionate about creating a welcoming and diverse community within chemistry and joined CDI to help contribute to EDI initiatives in the department.

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Dwiti Mistry | Outreach Coordinator

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I’m a second year PhD student in the Jetter lab where I study the biosynthesis of chemical compounds found in the waxy layer of plants. In my spare time, I enjoy running, reading, and exploring cafes. I’m excited to be a part of making the department a diverse and inclusive space.


Christine Traaseth | Outreach Coordinator

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Hello! I am a third year PhD student currently in the Algar group! There I love to see how luminescent materials and smartphones can come together to help progress diagnostic devices for point-of-care use. I am excited to join CDI as I want to help work towards making chemistry more inclusive and welcoming environment, as science should be comfortably accessible to everyone! On my free time I love to cook, hike, ski and surf!


Gunwant M. | Pride Ambassador

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I am a 4th year PhD student in the MacLachlan lab at UBC studying supramolecular chemistry with luminescent Pt(II) tetradentate complexes. I'm interested in helping to make the UBC Chemistry department more welcoming to current and incoming students, with a focus on the LGBTQ2S+ community! In my free time, I enjoy baking, crocheting, badminton, and making art pieces that will forever be 'in progress' with various media.

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Peiqi Hu | First Year Representative

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I'm a first-year PhD student studying organic optoelectronic materials in the Hudson Group. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, watching movies and swimming. As a first-year international student, I'm excited to learn more about EDI, and help to promote a more inclusive environment in our department for students from the globe


Sena Arslan  | Social Media Manager

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Hi! I am a second-year PhD student in Li Group where I study protein-based hydrogels. I completed my undergrad in Istanbul, Turkey, and came to Vancouver a year ago. I spend my spare time mostly discovering new artists and playing ukulele. I believe it’s a great chance to be a part of the CDI team where I can contribute to promoting an inclusive and diverse environment in our department, especially as an international student.

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Julie McNutt | Advisor

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I am a PhD Candidate at UBC where I use analytical chemistry and molecular biology to study breast cancer. I am supervised by Dr. David Chen and co-supervised by Dr. Ujendra Kumar in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. In my free time I enjoy running, spin cycling, and spending time at the beach. I am passionate about supporting equitable opportunities in teaching & learning in higher education as well as promoting science communication. Empowering scientists to improve accessibility to STEM education begins, first and foremost, with EDI awareness.


Katherine Krause | Advisor

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I'm a 5th year PhD student in the Algar Lab, where I'm studying how enzymes and nanoparticles interact. In my spare time, I volunteer through the departmental outreach committee and through a harm reduction program in the Downtown Eastside. I'm excited to continue working with CDI and expanding both our outreach work and our efforts within the department!

General Members

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Rida Farhat

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Hi, I'm a 2nd year PhD student in the Nichols lab studying heterogeneous and molecular electrocatalytic CO2 reduction and valorization. I come from the tumultuous yet culturally rich country of Lebanon where I did my bachelors and masters degrees. I enjoy cooking, baking, and making the most obscure pop culture references in my free time. Through CDI, I hope to bring international students together and give minorities in the department a louder voice.


Ryoga Hojo

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Hello! I am a third year Ph.D. candidate in the research group of Prof. Zachary Hudson in materials chemistry. My current research focuses on the design and synthesis of deep-blue TADF materials for applications in organic electronics and photocatalysis. I have also served as student representative in the EDI committee last year. This year I hope to meaningfully contribute towards CDI efforts as a general member


Jade Poisson

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I'm a senior graduate student who has been involved in CDI for the last 2 years. I'm involved in CDI to hopefully help make the UBC chemistry community inclusive and supportive to all students, faculty, and staff!

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Seja Elgadi

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